Urban bathroom ideas – luxury and convenience

Urban bathroom ideas – luxury and convenience

Outside of the kitchen, your bathroom is the most used room in your entire home. With this in mind, it only makes sense that this room should be one that is designed for comfort and pleasure. It should be a room that reflects your personality and your tastes. It should be a showcase area, even if it is kept private, because it needs to make you happy every time you enter the room.

You can change your bathroom with something as simple as the addition of a chandelier or brand-new hardware for your sink. You can also change this area of your home by completely renovating it and changing everything from the type of flooring you use to the choice of lamps plus window coverings.

Bathroom ideas should include everything that matters in this room. You want to create ample space on your counters, pick pieces for lighting unlimited areas in the room from single or multiple sources, and select complimentary wall and window coverings that make you feel satisfied when you are in the room.

Your bathroom does not have to be large to be glamorous. Small bathroom ideas should include all of these same requirements. Lamps plus small accent features cleverly placed can make a small bathroom seem larger. A tub in one area and a shower in another can create more space for counter tops. A well-placed side table can create the perfect storage area in a small bathroom.

A beautiful bathroom is also a very important selling feature for your home. If you are considering selling your home, having a glamorous bathroom is one of the best selling points after a modern kitchen. A beautifully decorated bathroom can increase your overall home value and be the deciding factor in any sale.

When you are researching types of bathroom designs and styles, you can decide if some of the new bathroom themes are right for your design.

Modern – Smooth

A modern bathroom can incorporate a smooth bathtub with fine lines into a small space with ease. Compliment the tub with bold brass hardware to make a statement. Decorate with more rigid lines to enhance the smooth and flowing look of the tub. Consider lighter colors for your walls and darker colors for the lower areas and the floor to make the room look bigger. It is a beautiful small bathroom idea that can fit into any type of overall design.

Modern – Glamor


If you have a larger space for your bathroom, take advantage of the glamorous approach. Incorporate a glass encased shower system with a smooth rounded bathtub and you have a very glamorous look. Place fabulous complimentary pieces and lighting fixtures throughout the area for a complete look. Space the pieces out so that you can compliment the décor, and you have a bathroom fit for a Hollywood star.

Modern – Minimalist


A very important design concept for bathrooms is the minimalist approach. You can create a very beautiful bathroom while using basic design pieces, natural woods with basic knobs and straight line designs, and lighting features that enhance each piece separately. It is a very clean look that can be appreciated by any taste. Remember, the whole point of the minimalist design feature is to only use what you absolutely need and never one thing more.

Modern – Farmhouse


The rustic approach is often overlooked for bathroom ideas. Using wood features for your cabinets that have a repurposed appearance can add that rustic – farmhouse look to your bathroom area. Keep it modern and glamorous by adding a chandelier in larger bathrooms or beautiful fixtures or hardware to your sink areas and you have the perfect combination of glam and rustic in one place.

Modern – Urban


That contemporary look is very easy to achieve in your bathroom. The use of very straight lines in your furniture and hardware choices gives your bathroom a very urban appearance. Compliment this area with marble or other similar color schemes and you have created an ultra-contemporary look that is sure to please.

Modern – Glam

When you want the most from a bathroom area, you may find that having the least amount in that space is the right choice. Using the minimalist approach of only including only what you absolutely need, you also take the glam route and cover the walls and floors in a beautiful marble. Make sure that you choose fixtures for lighting unlimited areas at once, and you have a very glamorous, yet minimalistic bathroom area.

Modern – Nautical

You loved the cruise that you went on for your last vacation. Why not bring a little bit of the nautical décor to your home? You can capture the essence of the cruise ship interior by incorporating fine oak cabinets into your bathroom and use simple but glamorous fixtures for your sink areas.

Modern – Mixture


One of the most important things to remember when you are designing your bathroom is that you can mix and match design types. Consider using glass and brick or glass and stone, or even a mixture of all three. Consider different shapes and styles. It may sound like a design flaw, but you could easily create a beautiful bathroom with a lot of personality.

In the end, what is most important is that you have designed a bathroom that makes you feel comfortable and happy. If you love the spa look, you should opt for designs that make the room more spa styled. If love the old farmhouse look, chose to use rustic materials. If you are a minimalist, keep it simple. There is not a specific formula that must be followed for the perfect bathroom. It merely needs to reflect your personality and serve its function.

Always begin your bathroom project with a design idea in mind, and then incorporate it into the space that you have. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can do with your bathroom, even with a very small space. All it takes is a little imagination, a little bit of changing around, and very nice accessories and materials to create the ultimate glam bathroom.