Stylish Bedrooms

Stylish Bedrooms

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is the one room in your home that is distinctly yours. Having the perfect bedroom that is stylish and reflects your personality is important because this is a room where you can truly relax and be yourself. This room should be a combination of comfort, functionality and a compliment of your tastes.

Creating the ultimate bedroom just takes a little bit of patience and a little bit of creativity. The right furniture, accessories, and colors for your walls and floors can create the perfect comfort zone.

Contemporary Style

Mid-century contemporary is a fantastic design for those who want a relaxation area that is not too flashy, but still very stylish. Use basic muted coloring for the walls and for the headboard and linens and compliment them with a splash of color or on a shelf. It is a very basic styling, but very effective. This is perhaps the most popular of all bedroom designs for someone who wants to create a true comfort zone.

Glamorous Style

Give your bedroom the royal treatment by creating a glamorous look and feel. Use pearl white for your walls, linens, and accessories and add a dash of very light blue or green to set off the vibe. Add gloriously fluffy or furry pillows for that luscious look, and don’t forget to compliment with the right lighting fixtures.

Rustic Modern

If you love the feel of the bedroom at your favorite winter lodge, why not incorporate this rustic feel into your bedroom. You don’t have to have antlers hanging on your wall to achieve this goal, you simply need the right rustic pieces for the room. Opt for a platform bed with a wooden base. Add some wood to the interior décor and use rustic styled complimentary furniture pieces for a finishing touch. Add some lighter tones to keep the room “breathable” and you will have a very rustic modern relaxation area.

The Attic

It was very common in older homes to create a bedroom in the attic space. In some of the larger homes, the attic was converted into two or more bedrooms. It was an effective way to give larger families each their own room to enjoy. If you have an oddly shaped bedroom because of its location, don’t worry, you can still create the ultimate room. Chose deep colors for your walls and flooring and make sure that your windows are open and painted white or a light color to enhance natural lighting. Select a platform bed that in neutral in color so that you can focus on the room décor, and then enjoy.

Platform Bunk Beds

If you want to use bunk beds in a room, why not go for ultra-stylish. The new theme for bunks beds is the platform bed. These stylish beds can be incorporated into any child’s room décor and will make going to bed much more fun. You can easily change the décor as the children grow and their tastes change without having to buy new bunk beds. It is a great choice for any age and creates a nice comfort zone for your kids.

The Murphy Bed

The Murphy Bed was once thought of as the “cheap” bed that you buy for when guests arrive. This is no longer the case. The Murphy is now a very sought-after design because of its simple lines and sturdy look. IT compliments any minimalist interior and is also very good for the mid-century design. These beds can be complemented with very straight lined furniture and minimal decorations in the room. It creates a quiet space where you can love to go to relax.

Ultra-Modern Platform Bedroom

If an open space is the most desirable way for you to decorate your room, you must consider an ultra-modern platform bed. These beds are simple and sleek and when in the room are almost non-descript. The focus of your eyes will go to the linens and décor. If you enjoy a very minimalist approach, use white or very light coloring for your walls and linens. Make sure that the room is well-lit so that it appears larger, and reduce the amount of accessory furniture and decorations so that the main focus is on the bed.

Farmhouse Bedroom

If you love the look and feel of farmhouse décor, take it one step further and decorate your bedroom in the same style. Your bed can have the large “barn door” headboard with rustic lighting and a very basic platform frame so that the focus is on the headboard. Decorate with large comforters and pillows and add a dash of farm home to the décor with a gingham wallpapered wall and some rustic complimentary furniture.

Japanese Bedroom

The Japanese bedroom design is the original platform bed design. If you love this minimalist look, you can incorporate modern Japanese into your bedroom décor. Start with a beautiful wood platform bed and build your components around the bed to match. Very sleek wood fixtures and a lot of natural lighting enhance this look. You want to keep separate pieces to a minimum and keep any other colors very muted or white. Your wood platform bed should be the focus of the room.

Four Poster Modern Platform Bed

If you love the way a four-poster bed looks but really want a modern platform bed, why not have both. You can have a beautiful four poster platform bed that will compliment any bedroom décor. What is so fantastic about this type of platform bed is that you can make it the centerpiece of the room and give it any type of theme. You can create a very glamorous bed using the right types of linens or create a very minimalist and rustic look.