Rustic Interiors

Rustic Interiors


One of the latest trends in interior design is the rustic interior look. Using darker colors, lots of wood, and even almost industrial type of styling, designers have created many fabulous new looks that are sure to please even the most distinctive tastes.

There are so many options that you can choose from, it is almost too hard to decide which area of the home to change over first. Thankfully, every area that you change can be done so very easily to take on the popular rustic look.

Rustic Industrial Bathroom

Many people have described this as a steampunk approach to bathroom design. You see a very distinct appearance of pipes and other fixtures that are often hidden in other designs. In this rustic approach, you have a very minimalist design and very open spaces. The light fixtures are industrial in appearance, but also make a mid-century rustic statement.

Rustic Reclaimed

One of the easiest ways to add a rustic look to your interior is to use reclaimed wood. Old wood has a personality all of its own and it is easy to see how a wood floor made from reclaimed wood could be so appealing. Add wooden stools next to a minimalist kitchen seating area and you have created a very modern looking rustic interior for your kitchen area.

Rustic Modern

What can be more appealing than a room colored in brown hues and accented with rustic light fixtures and sky lighting? Not much. You can create a beautifully rustic looking room by using muted lighting and the right color mixtures for your wall, floor and furniture. What is even more impressive is when you can add a little of the outdoors to the area through sky lighting.

Industrial Bohemian

Industrial Bohemian sounds like a very contrasting mixture of design styles, but it is not. In fact, it compliments each other very well and creates a very unique rustic style that is popular with many designers. You incorporate Bohemian designs with industrial style fixtures and industrial or rustic lighting and you have a fabulous look.

Rustic Fake Fireplace

One of the most creative touches you could add to a rustic interior is a gorgeous fake fireplace. You may find a reclaimed fireplace from an architectural salvage store or you may be able to have one recreated. Glamorous Victorian styled fireplaces will add a dramatic touch to any area. Fill the mantle with rustic style décor and take advantage of the interior of the fireplace as well. It is sure to be a conversation starter.

Rustic Black Interior Doors

Having a black door in the interior of your home is probably the last thing you would think about when you are doing any type of design. However, a gorgeous black door and frame should be one of your first considerations when you are creating a rustic look in an area that has other prominent black fixtures or flooring. The black door ends up acting like a compliment to the design. This is a must have for any rooms that you are doing in black and white, black, grey and white, or black white and red. However, you can match these doors to any color scheme.

Industrial Minimalist Kitchen

Another very popular design for the kitchen area is the industrial minimalist design. Again, this is a very conflicting combination of designs, but creates a room of absolute beauty. Industrial style kitchen lighting combined with very fine lines and clutter free cabinetry and appliance design will create a beautiful kitchen area. Another way that you can add a rustic appearance to a minimalist kitchen is to select reclaimed lumber for the flooring in this area.

Modern Rustic Staircase

What could be more stunning in any home with a staircase than a wooden staircase that gives off the appearance of a modern marvel while still appearing rustic? Not much. This beautiful staircase is a statement piece to modern design as well as retaining the rustic feel of wood. The clear handrails are also eye appealing and add to the overall flavor of the design. These staircases, however, are strictly designed for interior use. Exposure to the elements may make the use of this type of wood material dangerous.

Reclaimed Wood Frame Couch

Repurposed furniture is the latest trend for those concerned with the environment. The rustic-industrial look of this wood frame couch is the perfect example of how reclaimed wood can be used to create something of style. The industrial wheels on the bottom of the couch enables it to be moved with ease, and the cushions and pillows are a compliment to the overall design. The couch can be used in any area of the home to give it that rustic look you desire.

A Touch Of Rustic

One of the greatest things about the rustic look is that you can create an entire room or home based on this design, or add one piece to a room to give it personality. Many people like a very large and open kitchen area full of white or very light colors. This is always a stunning look. However, adding something as simple as a rustic styled wooden kitchen cart to this type of design gives the entire room a new personality. You can also change the kitchen lighting in these types of design to spice up the clean cut look to have a more rustic appeal.