Modern Home

Modern Home

The most desirable items of modern home decor today have a distinctive style, fashion, and flair all their own. When you see a unique piece of furniture, an unusual rug, lamp, mirror, painting or vase that stands out pleasingly as a work of artistry, visualize it in your own home along with your current decor.

If it strikes your fancy and seems a sure fit, take it home and give it space to settle in. Then sit back and watch it join in the fascinating, creative combining of styles that we know today as the magnificent mix of all things modern.

Fabulous Variety and Vitality in Contemporary Home Decor

Luxurious TriBeCa Apartment Bathroom

This elegant, chic, ultra-modern TriBeCa bath has the unique artistry and sophisticated charm to suit this creative neighborhood. The large light grey stone wall tiles and darker sedate floor tiles are bordered by playful strips of light pebble stones. The attractive raised bowl basin, deep rounded bathtub, and wall-mounted toilet emphasize the room’s contemporary style.

At the same time, the natural timber door and rectangular wooden vanity with thick, smooth, stone-slab countertop lend pure, appealing warmth. The slightly raised grating of the open shower floor sits over a bed of stylish light pebbles, and the subtly recessed overhead lighting and set of hanging vanity lights add an ambiance of fashionable allure.

Stunning Indoor-Outdoor Room for All Seasons

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This stylish and expansive indoor-outdoor room has one fully open side that adjoins a charming patio appointed with an elegant long table and matching chairs. Overlooking a large, semi-circular pool and spacious lounge area, this inviting room offers a modern built-in fireplace for cold, blustery winter days when a sliding glass wall encloses the room.

The fashionable yet comfortable geometrical sectional couch and chairs, sleek tile flooring and natural fabric textured rugs lend streamlined, modern style elements to the attractive, appealing concept of dual-style living modes for the home.

Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen Design Featuring Sleek Stainless Steel and Copper

This attractive minimalist modern kitchen design features the smooth-lined elegance of pristine stainless steel appliances and sinks surrounds. The under-sink cabinetry has a light copper-glow finish, accentuated by the pair of handsome overhead hanging copper kettle-lid style lights.

These mirror-like cabinet doors reflect the patterns of the modernized parquet-type flooring with a copper-halo aura. The bare looping of the hanging lamp wires, connecting them to the central electric source in the ceiling, plus the high, industrial style ceiling itself restate the downsized chic style and allure of the overall decor.

Colorful Modular Sofa Set in Aqua, Lemon-Gold, Rust and White Solids and Patterns

This delightful, multi-colored and patterned modular sofa set is the ideal choice for a poolside indoor leisure room, a family den or the outer area of a casual hotel sports and recreation bar or restaurant. In this open, airy room with floor-to-ceiling glass walls with intersecting horizontal and vertical natural timber beams, the high vaulted ceiling enhances the open, uplifting sensibility of this inviting, comfortable yet stylish gathering place.

The other geometrical furniture designs, the smooth, dark, hardwood flooring and the rotating glass door panels mounted in frames in the clear glass walls all remind the viewer of the overall state of colorful simplicity of this bright, transparent interior of the home or commercial setting.

Skylight Rainforest Shower Invites One and All to Bathe in Luxury

This inviting and intriguing large rainforest shower head mounted in a high skylight above the spacious corner shower area offers the ultimate relaxing, luxurious bathing experience. Rather than standing beneath the shower, the bather stands amidst it, surrounded by gentle walls of rainfall.

The soft, recessed shower lighting sets the lovely stone and faux-wood walling aglow, and the creative hanging wall pots with lush, exotic plants and blossoms add a tropical tone and soothing ambiance to this elegant shower interior. Carved, slender stone shelf pieces along the walls add sculptural grace along with their creatively designed elements of practicality.

Chambray Striped Basket Totes for Chic and Practical Home Fashion

Charming striped basket style tote bags from Chambray make excellent items of attractive home decor. You can hang them on a bathroom wall or door hook for holding bath soaps, lotions or hand towels. These basket totes hold their shape well, so they can also stand on the floor to hold extra shampoos, shower gels or bathing brushes, mitts or scrubs.

The larger sizes of these fashionable totes in perky stripes make good laundry baskets as well. Made of organic cotton fabric, these stylish bags can be color or pattern coordinated with shower curtains, window valances or throw rugs to brighten up your bath decor.

Modern Home Bar Styling for Ultimate Convenience and Pleasurable Use

This streamlined, sophisticated home-style bar area offers the ultimate convenience for serving drinks, party foods, and casual meals. Its artistically carved wooden bar stool seats add the beauty of the natural wood grain and complement the attractive, hardwood flooring. The walk-through area behind the bar stools is an ideal spot for placement of a long, natural fiber, woven runner.

Newly designed, rectangular throw rugs made of organic fabric in neutral or bright natural colors would also add chic style here, to suit your personal fancy. The sleek, long white bar is enhanced by soft light from hanging bulb-shaped lighting fixtures, an abstract painting on one wall and a large mirror in a handsome dark frame on another.

Indoor Plants as Stylish Green and Easy-to-Move Room Dividers

When you use healthy growing plants as attractive, easy-to-relocate room dividers in large living lofts, spacious open-concept home designs or even in small, studio or one-bedroom apartments, you create a healthy, attractive living environment. Trees or large plants are perfect choices for large open loft spaces.

While bringing natural beauty indoors to be enjoyed, you are also using a cost-effective, sensible method of dividing your living space. Even in small apartments, a work or study area can easily be created by surrounding a well-lit corner with smaller fresh green or flowering plants. You will breathe more pure oxygen while enjoying the living plants that have joined your home environment as growing room dividers.

Luxurious Minstrel Sofa in Rich Royal Blue Velvet Rules Any Room Decor

The elegant mid-century design of this Minstrel sofa upholstered in deep, richly colored velvet of Royal Blue creates a dynamic and fashionable element of room decor. Its sheer beauty and power of hue and texture rule any room’s overall interior. Everyone is drawn to this stunning, highly fashionable velvet sofa as though it were a valuable work of fine art, and in its own way, it is just that. The strong yet elegant design of this sofa prepares it to stand tall as a major element of decor, regardless of where it is placed in the home.

In this setting, a nubby woven pillow covering and fringed throw in light blue complement the rich blue hues of the velvet sofa. On the floor, a geometrically patterned rug features light blue squares and large zigzag lines in darker blue. The quartz-top low table nearby with natural wood legs displaying a clear vase of lavender flowers lends warmth and natural beauty to this vibrant, irresistible bright corner of the room.

The most attractive and popular items of modern home interior design and decor today come in many shapes, sizes and varieties. When combined with other style elements and items that blend with, complement and enhance their best features, these outstanding home embellishments shine brilliantly as major stars of contemporary home fashions.