Modern bathroom - functional and stylish

Modern bathroom - functional and stylish

Modern Bathroom Fashions: Style, Form and Function Blend with Dynamic Decor Elements


Contemporary bathroom designs and materials incorporate myriad past, present and futuristic visions and fashions. One person’s ideal bath decor, style and ambiance may not appeal to another’s picture of the perfect bath. Thankfully, today there is a wide array of bathroom designs and myriad style elements and materials from which to select.

Whether your favorite materials are marble, quartz, hardwood, ceramics, porcelain, concrete, vinyl or others, there are plenty of colors, styles, patterns, shapes, sizes and combinations to choose from. With the many different modern and period modes of design now available and countless combinations of these fashionable styles, you are sure to find the perfect fashion statement for the ideal new bathroom interior of your most treasured dreams.


Leading Contemporary Bathroom Interiors with Ultimate Fashion, Flair and Allure

Highly rated contemporary bathroom interiors in popular demand for modern home baths include the following:

  1. Urban Modern Orange Bathroom


This contemporary bathroom interior features warm orange-peach lighting beaming softly down from three tulip-styled sconce vanity lights above the vanity’s adjoining large wall mirror. In calm, soothing hues and shades from light amber to gold-edged peach, this attractive and inviting shower of soft, welcoming colors blends beautifully with the sleek, oval sink vanity with convenient lower cabinets.

The room’s pleasing classic design is accentuated by a decorative wall shelf displaying an attractive natural reed arrangement. Other elements of decor like the translucent Izan candle in a stemmed holder, slim towel dispenser and matching soap dish and accessories tray all enhance the bath’s sense of gentle elegance.

  1. Urban Modern Bathroom Concrete marble floor Light White Grey


This ultra-modern chic bathroom style combines the weighty dynamic of pure, strong materials with the light, ethereal essence of light, neutral colors and evenly distributed lighting. With dark grey concrete marble floor tiling accented with lighter grey shower wall tiles contrast strongly, but pleasingly with the pristine white walls.


The delightful deep bathtub and matching style commode give a timeless sense to this modern interior while its rounded geometric form sits firmly on the floor with the unmistakable assurance of contemporary fashion. Other decors like the understated shower tapware design and the playful faux high-carved wooden chair back behind the commode add attractive touches of unique charm and allure.


  1. Urban Modern Bohemian Bathroom Concrete marble Glass Light Shady


This inviting master bathroom has the relaxing yet active feeling of a modern spa. Its attractive pale pink, handsome black, and neutral white coloration lend it the fun-loving, somewhat daring styling of Art Deco decor. At the same time, the sleek, simplistic lines of the round vanity basin align with the round toiletry tray above and the delightful round glass wall mirror framed in a playful see-through light pink circular frame set the urban tone for this highly appealing modern bohemian bath design.

The translucent pink-box wall shelving to the side of the vanity add more lighthearted charm and fashion that is grounded just enough to please the discerning eye by the cool, complacency of the concrete marble flooring.

  1. Urban Modern Modern Bathroom Concrete Glass marble Grey


The smooth, understated minimalist interior of this urban modern bathroom offers pure, quiet color and relaxation. Its light grey color is gentle and appealing under equalized white lighting. The room’s rectangular bathtub, wall-mounted mirrors and slender-box style standing basin are somewhat offset by the round accessories tray above the tub and the circular design of the basin tapware. The chic, simple basin surrounding is typical of today’s stylish <strong>bathroom vanities</strong>.

The primary equalizer of this otherwise squared and rectangular style if the tall archway leading from the vanity toward the tub and surrounding area. The concrete, glass and marble design all contribute to the overall sleek, simplistic lines and serene ambiance of this modern urban interior.

  1. Modern Light Bathroom


This classic modern bathroom style with attractive green, cream, and dark red decor are a warm, inviting addition to any contemporary home. The softened rectangular lines of its deep-set, cream-colored ceramic basin join pleasingly with the slim-lined, long rectangular vanity beneath. The basin tapware offers separate hot and cold water spigots with classic, flower petal handles.

The charming inset picture-box shelf just above and to the right of the basin display a lovely vase and floral design accented by the small wall mirror behind it. The two rounded wall mirrors, one above the vanity and another on the right-hand wall are framed in handsome, matte finish bronzed frames. The wall to the right also boasts classic wainscoting as a sure reinforcement of this pure classic style.

  1. Modern Yellow Bathroom


This spacious, airy bathroom design allows plenty of room for creative decor and imaginative styling. Its translucent glass ceiling panels with soft lighting effects from above and charming bathroom vanity mirrors lend a pure, healthful and calming glow to the entire room. The sleek modern, geometrically shaped toilet and tub sit on attractive, wide-board, hardwood flooring with a soothing, dark matte finish.

Featuring decorative yellow accessories, including vases and the hanging <strong>vanity lights</strong> with fluted petal shades, the highly appealing decor also offers the natural beauty of woven baskets and a graceful carved wooden flower branch design with a glass vase on the wall-mounted rectangular vanity. The slender-line vanity and expansive wall mirror above are semi-framed with elegant glass paneling and shelving softly lit from behind with a soft yet vibrant yellow glow.

  1. Modern Transitional Classic Bathroom Brick Vinyl floor Hardwood White Light Black


This modern transitional classic style bath includes neutral white brick walling behind its attractive neutral pedestal sink. This elegant traditional sink design is appointed with rich golden tapware with a rectangular wall mirror above, sedately set in a wide, ebony panel frame. This decorative frame extends to the ceiling and offers a black and gold sconce light above the mirror, lending the elegance of a brass chandelier and a glass accessories tray below.

The opposite wall features an impressive built-in, floor to ceiling ebony hardwood cabinet with glass-paneled double door housing large shelves on top and spacious drawers below. The handsome decorative flooring displays faux tiling in sturdy, tasteful black and white vinyl patterning. This beautiful bath design includes a white brick shower with bright gold tapware to match the tapware of the pedestal sink.

  1. Urban Modern Bohemian Transitional Bathroom Concrete Hardwood Vinyl floor Grey Black White

This bohemian mode urban modern traditional bathroom features concrete walling with high rectangular black paneled wainscoting. The medium-light tones of the handsome hardwood flooring pairs with the neutral grey upper walls and ceiling to offset the dark black lower wall covering.

The basic white porcelain rounded tub and matching bowl basin lend another touch of light to this darkened, bohemian interior, and the basin sits on a minimalist black vanity-table with a round, unframed mirror wall-mounted above has the style of the latest bathroom vanities. The simple, cylindrical tapware design for the basin and tub emphasize the simplicity of this bohemian interior, accented by the single tall plant beside the tub.

  1. Urban Modern Modern Bathroom marble floor Grey Light White


This urban modern style bathroom celebrates marble as the foundation of its elegant, sleek simplistic luxury. With large marble floor and wall tiling and gorgeous block marble sinks and tub, this bath design needs little else to state or emphasize its empowering presentation of ever-fashionable style.

Featuring neutral decor colors of grey and light white, this bath offers a pleasing, modern, sedate sensibility of calmness and well-being. Its simplistic urn-shaped toilet and walk-in shower align with the urban modern, open interior design, accented by the overhead recessed ceiling spotlights.

  1. Urban Modern Modern Bathroom marble floor Grey Shady Dark grey

The chic, understated, simplistic design of this urban modern bathroom interior is accentuated by its dominant grey shades of marble. With handsome, large-size marble floor and wall tiles along with the featured sleek elegance of the white marble countertop surrounding the dark grey vanity and basin inset, this bath is truly a marble-lined, spa-style paradise.

For all those who favor a relaxing, luxurious bath surrounded by the beauty of this elegant, ageless stone, this is the simple, stylish and comfortable bathroom style of choice. The wall-mounted, simple commode design rests beneath a long, slender wall shelf with simple, square mirror, in front of which two sedate, sleek, cat-like vases sit sedately, fashioned in sleek Art Deco design.

Optimal heights of fashionable style and practical functionality abound in today’s latest wide array of bathroom decor. By viewing different selections and combinations of materials, style modes, fashion periods and creative coloration displays, you are sure to find the true dream bath design to completely satisfy or even surpass, your every preference, need an occasional stylistic whim.