Kitchen Design: Endless Possibilities

When it comes to designing your kitchen, the possibilities are endless. Whether you like a modern, sleek approach to a kitchen or something more rustic and comfortable, there are design features you can incorporate to make your kitchen feel like it belongs in your home.

You might choose to add an island in your space or to have cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling or you might want to bring your kitchen outdoors by installing an outdoor grill in your backyard. We will be looking at some examples of design features you might want to incorporate into your kitchen and discussing each of them a bit.


Kitchen Peninsula

This kitchen is a stunner! It features a kitchen peninsula design to utilize the corner space in this home. The peninsula design is especially great for small spaces or kitchens that may be in odd locations where it could be hard to fit things. This kitchen also uses a lot of different textures to blend the modern design with some more natural elements. For example, this space has stainless steel appliances and boasts clean lines but also uses a very grainy finish on the cabinets to bring create a more approachable, natural kitchen.


Brick Outdoor Kitchen

During football season you might want to take your party from your home kitchen out to your backyard! What’s better than enjoying grilling before a game in the great outdoors? In order to have a great backyard barbecue, you need a great outdoor kitchen space. Using red brick, this outdoor kitchen has a grill and loads of counter space so you can prep those hotdogs and hamburgers for your friends and family.


Espresso Cabinet Finish

Perfectly elegant, this kitchen uses the dark espresso finish on the cabinets. This dark brown tone goes really well with the tan and gold granite countertops they chose. Kitchens that are large like this space can fit a good sized island in the middle. This allows for people to sit in the kitchen and enjoy the space while you make your friends and family a lovely meal!


Sleek Design

If you enjoy a modern kitchen with extreme functionality, check this one out for kitchen ideas! Here we have a really unique space that keeps the appliances from distracting from the cabinet and counter features in this kitchen. The stoves and microwaves are flush with the cabinets so you won’t run into them and they will keep a low profile. This style really emphasizes space and efficiency. It also happens to be stunning!


Rustic and Artsy

Time for a funky kitchen! This kitchen is super rustic with almost every part of the space featuring wood. What makes it particularly funky is the use of octagonal, colorful, tile as the backsplash in this kitchen. It creates a nice contrast of colors amidst what might otherwise be a sea of brown. The kitchen pantry is huge and tucked away nicely in the corner! Double-doors provide access for all of your food needs. This farmhouse kitchen design might just be the thing to make your place feel homey.


Retro Inspired

Do you have nostalgia for the 1950’s and 60’s? If so, then this kitchen could be a great starting point for you to get design ideas. This space plays with color, nodding to the 50’s with it’s baby blues and yellow tones. They also chose appliances that were inspired by that mid-century kitchen design.


Kitchen Pantry of Your Dreams

Kitchen pantries tend to be one of the more overlooked items when it comes to kitchen design but they are often the most important and the first space to be improved. Families, especially those with lots of people, need the kind open drawers, making it easy to select the snack or ingredient you need for your next meal. Also in this kitchen pantry is plenty of counter space, which could prove especially useful when making lunches and trying to get everything together and organized for your family.


Black and White Kitchen

Perfectly classic, this kitchen uses black and white to create bold statements and contrasting features. The cabinets, backsplash, and ceiling are all white and are contrasted with the jet black countertop right it the middle of the kitchen. This is a timeless, bold look that you’re sure to love in your home. If you like really clean looking kitchens then a black and white style could be right up your alley.


Farmhouse Kitchen Design

If you’re into the idyllic, country lifestyle, then you might want to incorporate farmhouse design elements into your kitchen. This style, rustic and charming, is particularly great when used to remodel older homes. It allows you to bring in older, more dated elements from your previous space and utilize them in a new way for your new kitchen. If you enjoy “shabby chic” then you might want to look at a farmhouse style kitchen where you can use antiques and weathered pieces to decorate.


Wine Fridge

Simple, simple, simple! This kitchen has all the features you could want and isn’t cluttered with unnecessary design elements. Utilizing the space really well, this kitchen features a wine fridge in the island, which is especially great for entertaining. Can you imagine having your guests over for dinner in your kitchen while you’re cooking and opening them up a bottle of wine from your very own wine fridge? It could revolutionize your entertaining!


Hope you can be inspired by these design elements when you go to remodel your kitchen!