Eclectic Interiors

Eclectic Interiors


Eclectic interiors are high on the list of popular fashion modes for home decor today. With some good advice from a home decor expert, even novices can start to put together seemingly discordant items, fashions, and styles. They learn to combine these items in a way that allows each feature to shine in the spotlight of fashion while blending with and complementing the other elements and styles of decor.

Once you get started, you will be fascinated by this intriguing mode of interior design. You will know just what types of unique items to join together to create a bold or subtle, new, retro or multi-faceted, exciting fashion statement for today.

Industrial-Chic Corner Chair and Decor Accessories

This chic, sophisticated yet hip, cozy corner offers a casual, molded recreation-room chair appointed with a stylish, faux-fur throw further enhanced with an attractive rectangular pillow. The dark central fabric of this artistic pillow design displays a delightful cross-stitch design in white, balanced on either side by black and white fabric with a horizontal striped pattern.

Two shag-yarn strips separate these striped fabric sections from the central black fabric with its bold, appealing white cross-stitching. Creatively lit by a string of small hanging spots positioned on a metal ladder behind the chair, this charming, chic industrial corner decor is further enhanced by a stylish, woven white wall hanging and a large, window-side cactus.

Tidy “Shelfie” with Eclectic Display of Decorative Decor

This intriguing shelf display includes a tidy array of decorative items ranging from small cactus models to a sculpted ebony colored hand to an elegant miniature deer. These eclectic items are intermingled with a large outline of a heart-shape in silver, a small plant with large, dark green leaves and a small framed circular painting.

A decorative green box is also featured, along with several small ornate pots and vases and a portrait framed in silver hanging on the wall above. This unique, innovative display adds natural, vibrant energy to enliven this interior space and most likely highlighting the creator’s natural, creative and lifestyle favorites.

Enchanting Visualization of a Classico-Modern Indian Living Room

This enchanting 3D visualization of an Indian living room melds classic design with a modern space. The result is a splendid, inviting interior that includes modern geometric architectural lines and forms and elements of classical Indian art and design. The modular sofas and chairs offer the cool, sleek look of the modern minimalist design, while the traditional vases on the low center table with its ornately carved wooden legs bring a definite classical sensibility to the room’s decor.

Across the room is a modern style, side table-chest decorated with classical motifs. The large flat-screen TV and the lamps with tall rectangular shades beside it accentuate the cool, modern effect. This contemporary element is beautifully balanced by the finely detailed woven rug and elegant classic-modern style, full-wall artwork adorning the entire room in the golden glow of vibrant historical fashion merged with real-time ultra-chick.

Charming and Colorful Outdoor Lounge Chairs from Patio Brasil

These highly appealing outdoor lounge chairs from Patio Brasil are intended to welcome the greatly anticipated springtime season. Their bright marigold-yellow, apricot-coral and sky-blue seat and back cushions decorate the natural wood platform designs of this best outdoor furniture on the market.

The slender, spindle style table designs beside the chairs emphasize the overall minimalist design for this colorful and relaxing outdoor leisure space. The geometric insets of earthly-yellow stairs and bright aqua and burnt-sienna squares add a playful sense of lightness and convincing persuasion to enter this scene and bask in its simple, yet luxurious ambiance while relaxing in your best outdoor furniture.

Beautiful, Subtly Hued Timber Flooring from LV Wood

The beautiful, subtle hues of this elegant wood flooring from LV Wood in Buffalo, NY is an example of this company’s stunning collection of top-tier flooring materials. This room is set aglow by its luxurious European Oak Delhi timber floor that blends perfectly with the interior decor. At the same time, it enhances the modern geometric lines and shapes of the industrial-minimalist furniture and shelving, fireplace, crane-necked lamp and other accessories from home improvement stores.

At the back of the room, the light tones of the smooth subway wall tiling seem to mirror the sleek, stylish simplicity of the large framed picture window stretching along one side of the room. The luxury of this richly toned yet subtle wood flooring adds the ideal touch of chic fashion to complete the room’s highly desirable decor.

Spacious Sophistication Joins Casual Comfort in Charming Projector Setup Room

This spacious and sophisticated, yet warm and comfortable glass-walled room with projector setup is visually appealing and inviting. Its open, panoramic sensibility offers the ideal ambiance and setting for projecting everything from cartoon silhouettes to larger-than-life style, expansive films, and documentaries. Its earthly beige rug and matching modular couch bring streamlined comfort and a touch of casual elegance to this interior. At the same time, the tall, bar-style chairs lining one end of the room accentuate the room’s natural charm as one of your many small home theater room ideas.

The low sitting coffee table with its lustrous wooden top joins with the luxurious wood-paneled wall and leather easy chair with footstool near the room’s entrance as examples of some of your many small home theater room ideas. Overhead, the soft recessed spotlights easily found in home improvement stores bathe this charming interior with subtle, soft light.

Rustic-Glam Farmhouse Decor Beyond Compare or Critique

The “rustic-glam farmhouse decor” of this oh-so-charming bedroom has natural style and pure elegance all its own due to its purple and grey bedroom ideas. From its large, luxurious bed with high headboard complete with scallop-edged top to the plush light lavender bedding from Southern Belle, this room has it own unique fashion and flair. The chic bedding design is topped with a purple throw and a splendid array of cushy pillows, the most prominent of which is in soft, fluffy white shag.

From the plumb-hued glow of the curtains and darker, bordering drapes to soft lamplight on a pair of glass-topped bedside tables decorated with glamorous silver-framed photos, this room’s decor makes a strong stylistic statement by its display of purple and grey bedroom ideas, enhanced by the humorous, true-confession sign displayed on the wall above the bed.

Crafty Bedroom Interior in Bohemian-Chic Decor

This creative, bohemian-chic style craft and quilt bedroom decor has eclectic charm and disarming casual ambiance. The close-knit slats of the low-slung bed frame are natural planks held in place by rustic hardware including latch-hinges. Topped by a thick quilt and hand-crafted pillows, the grey-white and purple decor is enhanced by white crate side tables and closed boxy shelving as part of a major home improvement project.

A carved wooden mobile hangs on the wall behind the bed. On top of the crate-formed headboard sits a modern style Buddha head sculpture, centered above the bed, and the bedside tables hold framed photos and candles. Just above the left side of the headboard as you approach the bed is a handmade peace sign with a single potted plant placed beside it.

Bright, Colorful and Cheerful Mexican Style Bedroom

A bright, cheerful Mexican bedroom (dormitorio Mexicano) such as this one makes a wonderful, authentic guest room for travelers and sightseers. Whether you travel in Mexico, other parts of South America or in the southwestern United States, you may have the good fortune of finding many guest homes, B&Bs or inns with this delightful type of decor that includes a stylish Mexican bathroom.

The attractive clay-red and white woven bedspread lends a cheerful, fresh element to the room’s decor. Combined with the perky white nightstands, the cute wooden rocking chair and the crisp white window blinds bordered by lustrous natural timber frames, the spread and other elements of decor create a warm, welcoming feeling in this uplifting bedroom interior with its adjoining Mexican bathroom.

Beautiful, Superior Quality, Decorative Floor Tiles from Stone Impressions

This attractive vintage style bathroom features twin pedestal sinks and a retro, deep bathtub encased in old brick, and the entire interior space is enhanced by the lovely, superior quality decorative floor tiles from Stone Impressions. This Nicolo stone pattern with its intricate, blossom-like center and delicate, stylish embellishments is a work of art unto itself and a major effort toward home improvement.

In this interior, this exquisite stone tiling and the charming retro wood paneling are somewhat updated by the modern tapware and towel bars. These unique patterns from Stone Impressions can be ordered on different types of stone and on any size tile that is available. These beautiful floor tiles can be customized to suit each customer’s stylistic preferences and practical needs.

Eclectic Interiors feature myriad different style periods, fashion modes and attractive materials today. There is truly something available to appeal to every possible taste, preference or whim.