Dining Rooms Can Be Exciting and Daring if You Give Them a Chance to Speak for Themselves

The dining room is a space where we entertain, gather, share, and if you are like most people pay bills and build jigsaw puzzles with the kids. With all that goes on in the dining room why is it that we have relegated it to be some sort of museum-esq solemn space that is often a cookie-cutter copy of the dining room our parents had. Its ok for the dining room to be a bright, bold, exciting, and dare we say in some cases sexy and chic space that flows smoothly with the rest of our home space.

Let’s take a look at how dining rooms that can be different, and yet still retain that same classic ambiance that is conducive to gathering and sharing meals and good times with our friends and family.


Small Doesn’t Have to Mean Limited

Just because you don’t have a huge room doesn’t mean that your decorating concepts have to be limited, in fact, many may say that a smaller space opens up more idea and possibilities. When it comes to small dining room ideas the key is to keep it simple and elegant. Here we see a bench has been installed to provide extra seating without the need for extra space for chairs. The use of a glass top table gives the space a more airy feel, the same is true of the open back chair. The lighter color of the walls and the white window casements pull the eye out of the room and to the windows where light fills the space.


Be Bold

Who says the dining room has to be a china cabinet, a wood table, and a fancy chandelier. Here we see a very daring postmodern dining room that takes the simple, forward, and edgy style of the decorator and showcases it. This dining room presents itself as just as much of a point of conversation as the food that is being served on the table. The circles of the mirrors are mimicked in the circular dining ware and the planters on the shelves. The rest of the room is deliberately angular to pick up the geometry of the custom light fixture and to offset the circles which are without a doubt the intended center of attention. The versatile wood elements on the side wall not only contrast the horizontal shelves, but also bring a natural element in that offsets all of the artificialness of the rest of the rooms materials.


Be Boldly Classic

Choosing to use a bold dining room wainscoting can add a new level of elegance to a rather boring room and give you a lot of inspiration to carry through to other elements. Here the wainscoting is carried up tot eh box ceiling, the panels of the wainscoting are also mimicked in the glass panes of the windows and the French doors. A bold color was chosen for the walls to complement the bright, clean white of the wainscoting and the ceiling. Elegance doesn’t have to mean staid if a little creativity is implemented and a careful eye is used.


Dining Room Ideas Can Come From Anywhere, Even the Unexpected

Dining room ideas can come from any inspiration that you feel strongly about. Here we see a rustic eclectic dining room which is unexpected in the modern apartment building. The use of white rough-hewn floors contrasts the black of the table base. The clean marble top gives an elegance and beauty to the space that brings the bold choices back down to earth and makes them seem more casual than curated. In this type of style, you need one item that seems oddly out of place to bring the entire look into focus and here it’s the very modern custom light fixture and the vase on the table. These two elements work together to bring you full circle on your journey through the statement this space is making.


A Change Can Remake the Entire Room

Sometimes you have a great dining room, but you need to switch up the look to bring a freshness to the space. In that case, dining room table centerpieces can be an exciting way to add variety without having to re-engineer the entire space. Choose centerpieces that are a reflection of your personal style, but also are relevant to what you are presenting on the table, be that your dinnerware, or your food. Here we see a simple arrangement of white ceramic bottles with simple frowns in them. The bottles pick up the white of the dinnerware showcased on the table and are spread out on a runner that is mostly white with just a hint of gray herringbone on the edges. The gray picks up the napkins deep coloring while the herringbone of the runner’s edge pays tribute to the basket weave of the placemats.


Multi-Function Doesn’t Have to Mean Tacky and Utilitarian

If you have a need for working at home, but don’t have the pace or desire to have a separate home office space, then why not do what your father did. No, we’re not saying to sit around in your underpants complaining about the cost of the gas bill with a bankers visor on your head and a massive adding machine on the kitchen table, but then again he may have been on to something with that table idea. A dining room office combo is a great way to stay on top of the things that matter most while still having the option of a formal dining space when and if you desire to have one. Here we see a large wooden table that has been dual-purposed as a desk with plenty of light above it. No desk lamps needed here and the elegant shades will provide enough light to get work done without being glaring enough to need to borrow that banker’s visor from your dad. The large wall behind has been spared the indignity of a china cabinet and instead has been fitted with a massive built-in shelving unit that showcases both dining room classics such as bowls and pictures, but also office items such as books, boxes, and paperwork holders. The chairs pick up the coloring of the shelving to give the space a unified look, and they are not only elegant enough to be dining room chairs, but they are comfortable enough for extended sessions of sitting while working. This is a perfect space for entertaining as well as working from home or even paying bills, but leave the bottle of cheap domestic beer on the table, the giant adding machine, and the worn out tighty-whities to your dad, he might not have been right about everything with his version of the concept of a dining room office combo.


Contemporary Elegance Can Make for a Dramatic and Stylish Dining Room

The contemporary dining room can be daring and edge to be sure, but it can also be an artistic statement that speaks for itself. Here we see a modern take on classic elegance. The radiator behind the table has refitted to serve as a sidebar, thanks to a custom fitted over the cabinet. The oversized artwork centers the space and picks up the grays of the chair and the veins of the marble top. We see the brass of the planter carried through to the rings of the table base. The gray chairs and the whites of the room spin out their color to the mottled gray and white rug and the light gray carpet under it. Gold from the light fixture is once more seen in the choice of decanter fill on the sidebar, as is the silver beverage which picks up the grays once more.


Dining Room Décor Should Be a Reflection of You

When it comes to dining room décor the sky can be your limit and your boundaries are only your imagination. Here we see a very exciting shabby chic dining room that has definitely gone east Asian in its influences. The simple trestle table draped with a shop cloth play the perfect base for the eclectic and rustic dinnerware pieces that have been carefully chosen. The bold hanging lanterns make for a one of a kind light fixture. The reclaimed fireplace mantle and assorted chairs speak to the varied style of the decorator’s many passions and yearning for all things simplistic and nostalgic. The large platter on the wall picks up the circular feel of the lanterns. Finishing out the room with a neutral gray wash sponge painting of the large back wall gives a backdrop that doesn’t steal from the main focus of the room, the table and chairs around it, but rather elevate those elements.


Sometimes A Classic Chandelier is Just the Right Thing to Do

Whatever happened to the dining room chandeliers that we all loved from yesteryear. Here we see a classic chandelier that has been used, along with the very elegant chairs, to bring a level of sophistication to this Maine Coast styled rustic farmhouse dining room. The farmhouse table plays perfectly with the chandelier above it. The chandelier is, of course, the intended star of this room though. The simple furnishings and understated elegance are all here to draw the eye up to this beautiful antique light fixture. No matter what type of dining room you are working with, the use of a chandelier in any style will bring a traditional sense of classic style to the space. Choose the chandelier carefully though, as it will be an integral part of your space and will influence the look and feel of the dining room immensely.


Make it Bright, Make it Bold, Make it You

This fun and exciting modern dining room speaks to the idea of dining room decorating being something that you should be able to live with. All too often dining rooms are thought of as places that that should be showrooms for expensive or cherished items. But why not make them displays of your life and what matters to you instead. A bright color scheme and lots of cookbooks are the foundation of this dining room. The modern style of the apartment gave inspiration to going a little wild with the décor and it works wonderfully. Don’t be afraid to let your dining room decorating be a true reflection of your and your style.