Creating Comfort and Beauty in the Bedroom

Comfort and beauty are the words when it comes to the bedroom. The bedroom, whether it is a grey and gold bedroom, a bedroom made mostly of timber or an attic bedroom designed for a teenager, is not just a place for sleeping, but for reading, sewing, relaxing, listening to music and doing other intimate tasks. While private, the homeowner should not be afraid to leave the bedroom door open during the day, for the room should complement the beauty of the other rooms and spaces of the house.


Bedroom With a View

This big master bedroom is not only spacious but has a view down to a body of water through its window wall. The furnishings are thoroughly modern, with a platform bed with leather upholstered headboard, Barcelona chairs, and shag rug. The neutral colors bring both peace and a feeling of privacy in spite of the plate glass.


Good as Gold

This golden bedroom would be too much if it wasn’t for the tastefulness of its decor. The gold quilted comforter answers the pattern on the wall while the golden lamp tables are small and otherwise unobtrusive. The one small lamp has a lampshade with an ornate pattern picked out in gold. The pillow shams are both plain and embroidered, and the entire room is lit by a chandelier dripping with sparkling crystals.


Modern Bedroom Fit for a Kid

This young person’s modern bedroom has an exposed beam and a pitched ceiling of varnished wood with a matching floor. It makes the viewer think that it may be in the attic. The bed, dresser, mirror and side chests are a set and share bead-boarding and carved aprons, and the rag rug on the floor protects bare feet on chilly mornings. Track lights attached to the beam keep the bedroom bright at night.


Dark and Sexy

Mid-century modern bedroom ideas include dark colors and sumptuous fabrics. This sensuous bedroom sports black, textured walls and deep gray window curtains beneath a white ceiling. Everything else, from the platform that holds the mattress, the bedclothes, the quilted faux-fur rug and the narrow, nearly wall-long shelf above the bed are in neutral colors taken from nature.


Bedroom Bench

A bedroom bench is a surprisingly needful thing, and many people are surprised that they got on without one. It’s where people put their shoes and socks on, where they go to rest when they don’t quite want to get into bed or drop their handbag at the end of a long day. Bedroom benches can also be aesthetically pleasing. This simple bench placed at the foot of a generous bed has an interesting texture. It also has its own fringed, blue throw and pillows that match those on the bed.


Romantic Canopy Bed

This utterly romantic bedroom features a bed with a fabric headboard and a canopy dressed in sheer fabric that is allowed to puddle on the floor. The fabric is also found as curtains on the bright windows. The light gray walls, white bedclothes, ceiling and chest of drawers, and the white on the light gray pattern of the carpet give this luxury bedroom a floaty feeling. But a touch of dark blue on the mattress, the dark gray shade on the lamp, and the black wrought iron of the canopy keep everything from floating away.


Fit for a Queen

The first sight of this bedroom is sure to make visitors gasp. It could just about pass for a throne room, with its high, quilted platform that almost rhymes with the tall headboard, lofty ceiling, extravagant wall sconces and multi-armed crystal chandelier with black shades over the lights. Everything in the room is black, white or gray from the draperies over the white curtains in the window wall to the area rug with its key design to the bedclothes. This room is proof that master bedroom ideas don’t shy away from extravagance.


Deliciously Girly

Despite the black wall and the bed’s black headboard, this bedroom is just right for a girly girl. Take a look at the huge pink pompom above the headboard, the lamp with its pink vase and white drum shade, the pink pillows and the velvety pink quilt and white comforter. Consider, also, the sheepskin tossed over the old-fashioned chair upholstered in dusty rose with its pink pillow. More evidence of girliness lies in the bowl of pink roses on the pedestal table, the pink and gray checkerboard rug beneath the bed, the golden chandelier with is modest crystal teardrops and the enlarged photo of a girl on the wall.



This bedroom, with its twin beds made for not one but two girls, is not only done up in shades of pink, but it sparkles all over. Bursts of light are found in the string of fairy lights that frame the window. Tiny recessed lights in the ceiling cause the sequins to sparkle in pillows, and sparks of light fly out of a lamp with a perforated shade. More light is shed by a small lamp with a frilly shade on a tiny occasional table between the beds. Faux fur and sheepskin rug, throws and pillow shams make everything cozy.


Log Cabin Bedroom

This bedroom with its exposed timbers calls to mind an old-fashioned log cabin put together with rough-hewn wood and mud, but it’s more modern than that. The four-poster bed is wonderfully old fashioned, but there’s a luxury to be had in the bedclothes, pile of pillows stacked against the headboard and the wonderfully intricate Oriental carpet.