Chairs in the interior design



There is no better way to add design to a home than by taking essentials and making them pop. That is why adding chairs that are interesting and artsy while maintaining functional comfort is a great way to go.

It is not easy to perfectly blend usability and fashion but these chairs do just that. So picture yourself relaxing after a long day, perhaps whit some whiskey or wine, then make your dreams a reality by taking home one of these easy yet striking chairs.

  1. Elegant and Modern Chaise Lounge Chair

Perfectly designed to add chic comfort to any space, this neutral light grey chaise lounge works well in many areas of the home. Place it next to the fire for a cozy reading spot, or set it apart by adding it to an alcove or bedroom.

The ease of this piece allows it to blend with any décor be it upscale elegant or simply modern. Either dress it up with luxe pillows or keep it casual with a knitted throw.

  1. Fabulous Velvety Vanity Chair

When looking to glam up your space, this deliciously pink crushed velvet vanity chair is perfect. With its hair salon style base and easy swivel, you will be able to get yourself in plush comfort. This chair would be right at home in a pop princess’ dressing room and will surely make its user feel like a diva.

The subtle coloring allows this chair to fit easily in with any pink, white, gold, or rose décor and its softness look great juxtaposed against hard marble, wood, or granite.

  1. Fiesta Inspired Colorful Kitchen Chairs

Add spice and vivacity to your kitchen with these fun, bold, and eclectic kitchen chairs. Having a set of mismatched chairs is never a problem when you have a little creativity. Painting these chairs in bright striking colors turns them into the perfect set which works great with even a plain and simple dining table.

If you are looking to take your boring kitchen up a notch then these colorful chairs are a great place to start. With youthful chairs like these, you are sure to bring a smile to any dinner guest’s face.

  1. Simplistic Chic Meets Mid Century Modern Chair

While it seems effortless and simple, this chair works so beautifully because of its bold contrasts. The light wood and smooth finish of the frame stand against the dark, slightly textured leather of the seat and back. The subtly rounded corners of the leather squares contrast with the sharp angular points of the armrests, jutting out like a pair of lucky sevens.

And compared to today’s run-of-the-mill furniture that tends to be mid-height and narrow, this chair’s low frame and wide seat is a classic call-back to the best that mid-century modern has to offer. Sit back and rest easy in the timeless style of this bold yet unassuming chair.

  1. Angular, Unconventional Modern Chair Design

Some chairs are meant to be sat in; some are meant to be admired. This one is designed to do both. Fit for a museum exhibit yet made for the modern living room, this chair’s slender frame, light color, and fascinating use of angles set it apart from the traditional notion of what a chair can be. The back of the frame comes to a sharp, high point, giving the seat ample space to rest comfortably in a slightly reclined position.

  1. Workplace Meets Lounge in this Mid Century Leather Chair

It’s not often that a chair can perfectly complement both the home office and the living room. This piece is that rare find, juxtaposing unmistakable office furniture elements with the undeniable accouterment of a lounge chair.

The five-pointed metal base and the segmented headrest are visually interesting but functional at their core. Meanwhile, the plush cushioning, comfortable arm rests, and luscious brown leather all speak the language of luxury. Tying the two elements together is, of all things, a thin slab of bent plywood to attach the lounge chair to the metal base.

  1. Peachy 50s Throwback Armchair

This friendly chair adds a bold dose of cheeky 1950s charm. The bright pop of peach is pleasing to any mid-century modern décor, and the board room style metal base provides a nice balance. The low arms and swooping back will cradle you gently as you drop yourself down after a long day.

Place this and perhaps another to match in your den, shake up a cocktail at your tiki bar (don’t forget the umbrella), then lean back and relax in style.

  1. Cat Napper’s Delight with this Classic Stone-colored Chaise

Just looking at this chair makes you ready for a cozy nap. Imagine yourself sprawling out on this gorgeous, light stone-colored chaise chair. The high back on one side makes for the perfect reading nook, while the low back on the other side is a built-in pillow just waiting for a weary head.

The clean shape and neutral colors make this a versatile piece for any home.

  1. Vintage Quilted Velvet Accent Chairs

These gorgeous olive green quilted velvet chairs are fit for royalty. They are small enough to fit into any space but plush enough that you will want to cozy up in them all night. Either get a single chair as a bold accent piece or consider a set to round out your room.

This chair, with its low seat and fullback and sides, will gently comfort anyone lucky enough to snag it – the obvious best seat in the house.

  1. Contemporary Wooden Bar Chairs

Comfort is not sacrificed for design in this super chic wooden bar chairs. Produced in customizable colors, you can get a set that matches perfectly with the woods of your home, or go for an eclectic look by mix and matching your favorite grains.

The high back of these chairs will keep your guests relaxed and ready for that second glass of wine.