10 Bedroom ideas to inspire you

We have collected these bedroom decor ideas to help inspire you to create a bedroom that you love. Browse through them, consider the featured ideas, and use them to create your own bedroom decor.

Minimalist Scandinavian Bedroom Design

This bedroom incorporates many features of Scandinavian bedrooms such as a color palette of white with neutrals color, a white wood floor, and windows that let in as much light as possible, perfect for those shorter days in winter. It also features the simple, minimalist tradition of Scandinavian design. However, like most Scandinavian bedrooms, it has a warm and cozy feel with all the blankets.

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The vaulted ceiling allowed for the hanging bed — a unique point. Wouldn’t it be fun to climb into this unusual bed and go for a swing?

Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom

This bedroom could be overwhelmed by the extremely high vaulted ceiling. However, the chandelier helps pull down the ceiling. The black in the lamp and on the chair, the wood in the furniture, the door and window frames, and the bed pillows unify the room. The black in contrast to the white walls and bed, along with the visual weight of the furniture, ground the lower portion of this bedroom. The picture above the dresser, the pink rug, the pink throw on the bed, the pink flowers, and the shape of the green lamp base add an oriental touch.

Master Bedroom

With the faux block wallpaper, this master bedroom has the feel of a loft bedroom with rustic touches. The minimalist decor and the artwork add to the loft feel. The wood finish on the nightstands and the wood plank headboard with the string of lights further the rustic theme. Combined, these two ideas create a simple but sophisticated look.

Purple and Grey Bedroom

This lovely purple and grey bedroom has the feel of a bygone era. Purple can overwhelm a room, but here it is handled well. The purple damask wallpaper behind the bed adds an elegant touch while the purple wall and the simple purple window treatment complement the wall treatment. The purple print on the quilt and pillows create an old-fashioned feel that coordinates with the style of the bed frame. The white bed frame and the white bedding lighten the room. If you want to create a room with a look of bygone times without looking outdated or use a color that can be overpowering, you can borrow ideas from this bedroom.

Scandinavian Bedroom in Grey

This Scandinavian bedroom is simple, clean, and minimalistic in the Scandinavian style. It features a neutral white, grey, and black palette with a wood table and wood floor. A modern touch is added by the print and the hanging lamp. The fur skin creates thoughts of warmth on cold Scandinavian nights. This is another example of a simple but sophisticated bedroom.

Maroon Bedroom

This maroon bedroom has an East Indian flair with the maroon mandala tapestry hanging beside the bed. It actually creates the feel of a tent with the cloth mandala tapestry, the tan drapes at the head of the bed, and the string of lights across the room. The maroon in the mandala is picked up in the bed pillows and the bedding. The bedding, a pillow, and the drapes then pick up the tan in the mandala tapestry. To add to the East Indian feel, there is a stuffed elephant on the bed.

Teenage Girl Bedroom

This white room with its black accents and pops of pink is ideal for the teenage girl who dreams of traveling, especially one who dreams of traveling to Paris. The Parisian theme is carried out through the wallpaper and the stencils on the closet doors. The steamer trunk at the foot of the bed provides storage while continuing the travel theme.

Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas

The dramatically simple elegance of this Scandinavian bedroom creates a stunning effect. The backlit black panel provides a striking backdrop for the bed, which anchors the room as its focal point. The mismatched nightstands and the contemporary tube pendant lights add visual interest while the white curtains, the gray area rug, and the wood panel behind the black one soften the starkness of the design.

Neutral Teenage Girl Bedroom in Gray and White

The neutral white and grays of this bedroom place the emphasis on the contrasts of the textures from the fur throw and pillow to the large stitches of the knitted throw to the romantic ruffles around the edges of the bolster and bedspread. The gray-toned photographs of the peonies and other flowers imply a texture that is echoed by the hanging lamp. The black wall lamps and white dresser provide contrast for the softness of the other textures. It’s a room perfect for a teenage sophisticate.

Beautifully Glamorous Bedroom Ideas

Feel like one of the glamorous stars of old Hollywood in this elegant bedroom. The tufted, headboard adds a soft, luxurious, silvery gray sheen as a backdrop to the contrasting pile of textured purple pillows. The lines of the silver frame of the fabric headboard are repeated by the footboard and nightstands. The crystal drops on the chandelier and lamp complete the look. Are you ready for your close-up?